Hampton Beach '06

Campus Crusade for Christ Summer Project!

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

7 Reasons not to live in New Hampshire

Reasons to not live in New Hampshire:
1. There must be the biggest lacking of dentists in this state because everyone has the grossest teeth you will ever see, that is if they have teeth still. It is so wrong.
2. Everyone in this stinking state smokes worse than a chiminey. When I am working drive through there cars are just filled with smoke and walking along the beach is hazerdous to your health (even the pregnant women and the people with kids don't care and blow smoke everywhere).
3. They say stupid things like "all set" "wicked" and they call milkshakes "frapps"
4. There are no starbucks!!! Everyone drinks nasty dunkin donuts coffee
5. They can not pronounce words correctly. Splenda comes out Splender
6. There is no form of modesty here for men or women. Old women walk around with everything hanging out and with facial piercings and ewww. Old men walk around with their nipples pierced and in little speedos.
7. They are just plain rude.

Monday, July 24, 2006

My pedicure with God

Wednesday was not all that exciting really. I went to work and then came home. We had bible study and then community group. For community group we went and played mini golf and had bible trivia. My group won so we had a get out of a dousing free (ie everyone else in the group had to take the dousing for us). Thursday I slept through my alarm clock and through multiple phone calls and missed work. We had mens and womens time combined this week. We had a pannel of people and everyone got to ask questions of the opposite sex to see what they really did or did not like. After that there was a waterballoon fight and then some of us played dodge ball. It started to rain so we did dousings in the rain and then I went to bed. Friday I went to work and then came home and showered. After my shower God and I went and got pedicures together and it was awesome (I got a pedicure while I did my quiet time). I came home and then a group of us went out to macaroni grill and it was so good. There was a chuck e cheese next door so afterwards we went and had a great time playing there. Saturday morning at work was lame. I had to work with 2 new girls and UGH they were not bright. It was very rainy Saturday, so for outreach I just hung out at the gull and had some quiet time with God. Sunday we went to church and then I went with a group of people to get tattoos (no I did not get another one yet). We had servent meetings at night and then I went to sleep. Today I once again went to work and then went to the grocery for some things for weekly meeting. Next up is a nap and then dinner and weekly meeting. Tomorrow I have the day off so I think Jen and I are going to go hike in the White Mountains. Thats about it for now but look forward to a future post of why you should never live in New Hampshire. CYA!

Tuesday, July 18, 2006


Sunday was just like any other Sunday. We went to church and then went and napped on the beach. Surfing didn't happen because the waves were sucky. I came home and napped a bit and then we had our servent team meetings. Monday I had work at DD and then came home and took a nap. We thenhad weekly meeting and that went fairly well. Today Dave and I both had off from work so we convinced Jen to call in sick and went down to Boston. It was so stinkin hot. At 12 it was 100 and that didn't include the massive amounts of humidity. I don't think I have been that sweaty from doing so little ever. Boston was fun though we walked the freedom trail and then grabbed lunch at this little italian restaurant. We took the train back to our car and had a lovely bunch of airconditioning on the way home. Now I am just sitting here sweating before night of reflection. Adam, Kevin and I were going to go see a movie but we have to be back here by 9 to here a speaker talk about homosexuality. The rest of the week shouldn't be to exciting but I am off for now. Cya

Saturday, July 15, 2006

Creepy Lobsters

Friday morning I went to work as usual. We had no power for a few hours so it sucked because my boss was being a huge baby as usual. After work Jen, Katie, and I drove Dave to the airport so he could go to a family reunion. We came back and got all dressed up and went up to Maine to get lobster. I had no idea that the lobster would still look like a lobster and it really freaked me out. I couldn't touch it so Adam broke it all up for me so I could eat it. If you are ever in Maine hit up the Lobster Barn in York. It is very yummy. After we decided to go see The Devil Wears Prada. That was the worst movie I have seen in a long time. I felt so horrible for making Adam and Rico sit through it because it was just bad. We came home and slept after that. Today I had a migraine so I opted out of work and decided to just sleep. My head still hurt during outreach so I just held down fort at the Gull and talked to people. Jen and I decided we needed to just get away for awhile so we drove down to Newbury Port, MA. It was an amazing time. We heard this group of 6 guys singing a capalla and it was amazing. We bought the CD if anyone wants to listen. Jen and I then ate at this really cute little restaurant and it was great. Afterwards we walked around the town for awhile (its super cute I highly recommend it) and then headed back to the Gull. Tomorrow I think we may go surfing but for now I am off to bed. Cya!

Thursday, July 13, 2006

Mystery Dinner

Wednesday didn't start out all that great. My alarm didn't go off (or I chose to ignore it) so Ellen had to come in and wake me up and Drew and I were late to work. Work was bleh as usual. As I was driving home from work I couldn't get my airconditioner to work and my car was over heating and my check engine light came on so when I got home I looked under the hood and I was completely out of coolent. I took my car up to the Toyota dealership and it turns out that I had a hole in my radiator. Being that New Hampshire is behind in times I couldn't get anyone to rent me a car since I was under 21 (lame) besides the fact that everyone was out of cars. So I sat at the Toyota dealership for hours and watched some TV and then had someone drive me back to the house. Luckily one of the girls was able to lend me her car on Thursday so that Drew and I could get to work. When I got back I was in a really bad mood. We had bible study and I was falling asleep because I didn't get my nap and I was really frustrated. We had the mystery dinner next which was interesting but boosted my spirits. The my. ggstery dinner went like this. We all sat down (in the pouring rain) and picked things off a menu (ie satans tushie) and they were brought to us. We had pulled chicken sandwiches (rock and a hard place), mashed potatoes, mac and cheese, broccolli, and grapes (ewww). The big "mystery" of the dinner was the huge food fight at the end. It was so messy and gross. We all went and jumped in the ocean after that in the rain. It was FREEZING. I got back to my room and was going to shower but everyone was in them so Megan came in and asked if I wanted to shower with her. Megan and I were showering in the tiniest shower here when Korena knocked on the door and we invited her in with us (we were all clothed). It was really fun, Jen came in and took a picture of us all squeezed in the shower. After our shower Jen and I went out and sat on the porch and listened to the Story of the Year concert and it was amazing. Although the day started crappy it ended fairly well. Today I borrowed Kristens car and went to work. I got a call while I was at work and my car was all ready to go. Drew and I got off work early and headed up to pick up my audrey. I came back home and showered and cleaned and took a nap. We had womens time and talked about courtship and relationships. We had dousings and I am still perfectly dry. Now I am off to bed because its sleepy time!

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

When tornados strike

Monday I had work once again at Dunkin Donuts. It was so slow and boring that I had to start beating my coworkers up for entertainment. Afterwork I came back and hung out for a bit and loaded pictures to the computer and then went to the grocery store for some weekly meeting stuff. We then had dinner and weekly meeting and everything went pretty well. The pastor of the church I attend spoke and talked once again about putting on the armor of God. He is an amazing speaker. After weekly meeting we all came back and I went on a long walk and just talked to people on the phone. Congrats Thomas on your new job and on the cheesy movie by the way. I got to sleep around 2:30 and then woke up throughout the night. When I kept waking up it was still all dark in our room so I thought it was too early to wake up but it turns out there was just a huge storm coming through. We had tornado warnings and it was super scary. Jen and I went and drove to Salem again and went to Best Buy, Target and the Mall. On the way there the storm got super bad and we were having to drive so slow on the freeway because we could barely see in front of us. At Best Buy I finally got the portable hard drive that I have been needing and it was so nice to finally go to Target again; I missed it so much. There was this elephant that I had been wanting from Target for forever but it was to expensive but today I found it on sale for $5 so it will be going in my living room. While we were in Target the Thunder and rain picked up again and it was shaking the entire building. We drove to the mall next where I was able to return my external harddrive and pick up a few new things :). I came back and had dinner and now I am just playing with my harddrive and doing laundry. I hope everyone is having a good week and not dying from humidity like us. <3

Monday, July 10, 2006

Pictures from the last few weeks...

Katie, Jen, and I during Womens day

Kevin being caked for lighting a Roman Candle in the house

Dave in the hospital looking like the Grinch

Tommy and Courtney in the hospital

Dave and his bag of fireworks on the 4th

Kickball on the beach

My Bible Study on Womens Day

William and I hanging out at Womens day

Sparklers on the 4th of July

Kostya, JJ, and I on the 4th of July

Me, Jessica, and Laura (my adoptive sisters) at Womens Day

Sunday, July 09, 2006


So the water balloon fight turned out amazingly other than Adam stealing my water gun and Tommy stealing over half the water balloons we filled up. We had to resort to buckets of water after that and it was so much fun. We were soaked head to toe by the end and it went on for a good hour. Some people got as sneaky as to go fill buckets down at the ocean. That was not my favorite. I went to sleep after that because we had church today. Church was good. I wasn't able to actually hear the sermon because they were short staffed down in the nursery and toddler room so I went between the two. For the 9:30 service the first 5 kids that came in were screaming and we had 5 dirty diapers. Talk about a smell. The 11:00 service wasn't nearly as bad with only 1 screamer and no diapers. I did have to go next door and take a walk with one of the little babies to get him to stop crying. We went to 99 after church and had some lunch. It wasn't awesome but it was pretty good. I came home and took a nap after that and pretty much my day has consisted of that. We have servent team meetings at 10:00 but for now I am going to try and get my leg muscles to recover from running around on the beach yesterday for kick ball.

Saturday, July 08, 2006

Kick ball

Today was like most other Saturdays. I worked from 6-12 but there was this new girl working who didn't seem to be all there and oy it was a pain. She took the time to write every order out and then still didn't get them right. After work I came home and showered before outreach. It was such a nice day today we decided to play a bunch of different sports on the beach. There was tug o' war, volleyball, ultimate frisbie, and kickball. I went with the kickball group. We rounded up 2 teams of both Crusaders and people from the beach. My team won even though I was not the most graceful of kickers. I managed to actually score a run suprisingly. After our games we invited everyone back to the Gull for food. A bunch of people went out to dinner and then we went to one of the churches and had a concert of prayer. It was so amazing and the holy spirit was totally present with us. Sitting around bored, Jenna and I decided to declare a water war. We have been filling up water balloons so now we are off to have some fun. Have a good night!

Friday, July 07, 2006

My second trip in an ambulance :)

Thursday I had work off so I tried to recover from the night befores. Rose and I then went grocery shopping for dinner and because we all had to make a desert for womens time. I made a cookie pizza with marshmellow and peanut butter and snickers and peanut butter cups. It was so yummy. After womens time was dousings and that was exciting as always. I had a migraine so went to sleep after that. I woke up and was getting ready for work but still had the migraine and started throwing up so I decided to call in sick to work. I just hung around and didn't do much of anything else but read and pray the rest of the day. As I was making lunch Janice came down and asked me to help her wake her roommate Courtney up. Neither of us could get her up and she had been sick and asleep for 6 hours so I once again called 9-1-1. I rode in the ambulance with her to the hospital. She ended up having Bronchitos. Some of the other girls came and met us there so Tommy, Norm and I left. A bunch of us went to see Pirates of the Caribean 2 and then went to dinner. That'a about all for now because I'm tired so cya.

P.S. My titles get you to read my blogs so I will continue to use them :)

Thursday, July 06, 2006

My first trip in an Ambulance

Monday morning I went to work and then came home. The grocery store was next on the list with 3 different shopping lists. Rose and I are in charge of cooking group this week but she had to take her brother to the airport so I had to do all the cooking on my own. I made frozen lasagna, texas toast, spinach salad with strawberries, avocado, mandarin oranges and poppy seed dressing. It was pretty yummy if I do say so myself. We had the weekly meeting and it went pretty well. Tuesday was so much fun. I went to work and then came back to the gull and took a nap. We had a BBQ and it was really yummy. My group brought fruit for it. Jen and I then sat on the porch and listened to the Dresden Dolls and Panic at the Disco concert next door and watched the fire works. We then went to the beach and shot off some of our own and burned ourselves a bit. Wednesday was a rather eventful day. I went to work and it was bleh. We lost power for like 5 minutes and it was not fun. My manager throws tantrums like a 2 year old and keeps taking it out on me that Drew hasn't been coming to work. I went to town hall after work to get my parking ticket taken care of but was directed towards the police station. The cop laughed when he heard about it because apparently the old police chief is who runs the lot we park in and is basically blind now. Jen, Korena and I went to the mall after that. On the way to the mall we got a little lost and I got pulled over again by the police. By the grace of God I once again did not get a ticket because I think they like the little christian girl from arizona. After that I bought an external hard drive and a car charger for my ipod and I built my spud a bear. We went to come home but Jen told me the wrong direction on the freeway and we ended up driving the wrong way for awhile so we were 30 minutes late for bible study (we are studying Acts too). For community group we got food for the boys and had a cake for Jordans birthday. One of our boys (Dave) wasn't feeling well so he was asleep on the swing. When I went to check on him he wouldn't wake up so I had to call 9-1-1. Luckily we have the police station across the street and the fire station the next block over. It was so scary. The dispatcher made me check his breathing and his mouth and lay him flat. UGH. So when the paramedics came and Dave and I went for a trip in the ambulance where I was asked a dozen times if he had been drinking, doing drugs, or was depressed. It was taking every bit of the holy spirit for me not to let my emotions control me. We spent a lovely 5 hours in the hospital and then were sent home with Dave feeling a little better. Now I am going to go and crawl into bed and sleep most the morning tomorrow because I have the day off finally. I have one more thing checked off my list of things to do before I die and I do not wish to ever experiance it again.

Sunday, July 02, 2006

When migraines attack...

Hey everyone! You need to be a little less demanding with me. I am lucky if i get on the computer once every 3 or 4 days right now. Friday I had work and then a shower. A bunch of people went down to Boston to go swing dancing but I decided against it since I had work the next morning. I went out to Chinese with some people and then sat and listened to the Trapt and Shinedown concert on the porch. I had a migraine so I went to sleep at about 10:30. Saturday I had work from 6 till 12 except they wouldn't let us off at noon so we didn't get off till like 12:30 and it sucked. Normally it would have been no big deal but we were having womens day so I had to be super cute by 1 and I had to shower and everything. For having 35 minutes I did pretty well for myself. Womens day was amazing. We all went to Bethany Church where we had a tea party to begin with and had a minor fire. After just hanging out and talking for a few hours we had Olive Garden for dinner and it was so yummy. Probably the best meal I have had since being here. Everyone came back to the Gull afterwards and we watched Pride and Prejudice. I fell asleep 5 minutes into it however so I went to bed at like 1030 again. Today we went to church where I was the only one with 11 toddlers for the first like 20 minutes. It was bad news bears. The service today was amazing. A guest speaker from a University in Mass. came and talked to us about mission work and spreading Gods love. After hearing him speak I definitely feel drawn to go overseas for awhile. Laura, Jessica, and I all went over to our adoptive families house today and had lunch/dinner. Later tonight is servant meetings so hopefully those will be uneventful. I am off with another migraine so cya!