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Tuesday, July 25, 2006

7 Reasons not to live in New Hampshire

Reasons to not live in New Hampshire:
1. There must be the biggest lacking of dentists in this state because everyone has the grossest teeth you will ever see, that is if they have teeth still. It is so wrong.
2. Everyone in this stinking state smokes worse than a chiminey. When I am working drive through there cars are just filled with smoke and walking along the beach is hazerdous to your health (even the pregnant women and the people with kids don't care and blow smoke everywhere).
3. They say stupid things like "all set" "wicked" and they call milkshakes "frapps"
4. There are no starbucks!!! Everyone drinks nasty dunkin donuts coffee
5. They can not pronounce words correctly. Splenda comes out Splender
6. There is no form of modesty here for men or women. Old women walk around with everything hanging out and with facial piercings and ewww. Old men walk around with their nipples pierced and in little speedos.
7. They are just plain rude.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

If these are the 7 reasons not to live in New Hampshire, what are the 7 reasons to live in New Hampshire? XXOO, Mom

12:14 AM  
Anonymous Vanessa & Thomas said...

# 8. You just can't trust them Yankees.

1:58 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Lizzy, you are a trip!
Thinking you need to head back to California. Hope you enjoy your mini visit with Cami in NY. You are still going, aren't you? We go on Wednesday to get her and go on vacation. Cannot wait. Need to get her back in the South before she gets warped. HA! I know your family misses you as well. You be safe and come to Louisiana to see the Louisiana Dinkels soon, ok? We love you and are praying 4 u, Aunt Dez

11:50 PM  

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