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Tuesday, July 18, 2006


Sunday was just like any other Sunday. We went to church and then went and napped on the beach. Surfing didn't happen because the waves were sucky. I came home and napped a bit and then we had our servent team meetings. Monday I had work at DD and then came home and took a nap. We thenhad weekly meeting and that went fairly well. Today Dave and I both had off from work so we convinced Jen to call in sick and went down to Boston. It was so stinkin hot. At 12 it was 100 and that didn't include the massive amounts of humidity. I don't think I have been that sweaty from doing so little ever. Boston was fun though we walked the freedom trail and then grabbed lunch at this little italian restaurant. We took the train back to our car and had a lovely bunch of airconditioning on the way home. Now I am just sitting here sweating before night of reflection. Adam, Kevin and I were going to go see a movie but we have to be back here by 9 to here a speaker talk about homosexuality. The rest of the week shouldn't be to exciting but I am off for now. Cya


Anonymous Vanessa & Thomas said...

hey Liz,

Yeah, I understand your gripe with humidity. We just got back from Orlando, FL and I can safely say that I will never go back by choice! WAY too hot and gross to deal with! Unfortunately, it seems that we brought the terrible weather back to California with us. The weather has been just miserable in southern CA! Stay cool and enjoy yourself, and as always, be careful =) We love you and miss you!

♥ Thomas & Vanessa

2:22 PM  

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