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Saturday, July 15, 2006

Creepy Lobsters

Friday morning I went to work as usual. We had no power for a few hours so it sucked because my boss was being a huge baby as usual. After work Jen, Katie, and I drove Dave to the airport so he could go to a family reunion. We came back and got all dressed up and went up to Maine to get lobster. I had no idea that the lobster would still look like a lobster and it really freaked me out. I couldn't touch it so Adam broke it all up for me so I could eat it. If you are ever in Maine hit up the Lobster Barn in York. It is very yummy. After we decided to go see The Devil Wears Prada. That was the worst movie I have seen in a long time. I felt so horrible for making Adam and Rico sit through it because it was just bad. We came home and slept after that. Today I had a migraine so I opted out of work and decided to just sleep. My head still hurt during outreach so I just held down fort at the Gull and talked to people. Jen and I decided we needed to just get away for awhile so we drove down to Newbury Port, MA. It was an amazing time. We heard this group of 6 guys singing a capalla and it was amazing. We bought the CD if anyone wants to listen. Jen and I then ate at this really cute little restaurant and it was great. Afterwards we walked around the town for awhile (its super cute I highly recommend it) and then headed back to the Gull. Tomorrow I think we may go surfing but for now I am off to bed. Cya!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Why & how did they open DD if there was no power? I can't believe you didn't like the Devil ...Prada at all; it wasn't as good as the book but no movie ever is as good as the book. Did you go surfing? XXOO, Mom

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