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Monday, July 24, 2006

My pedicure with God

Wednesday was not all that exciting really. I went to work and then came home. We had bible study and then community group. For community group we went and played mini golf and had bible trivia. My group won so we had a get out of a dousing free (ie everyone else in the group had to take the dousing for us). Thursday I slept through my alarm clock and through multiple phone calls and missed work. We had mens and womens time combined this week. We had a pannel of people and everyone got to ask questions of the opposite sex to see what they really did or did not like. After that there was a waterballoon fight and then some of us played dodge ball. It started to rain so we did dousings in the rain and then I went to bed. Friday I went to work and then came home and showered. After my shower God and I went and got pedicures together and it was awesome (I got a pedicure while I did my quiet time). I came home and then a group of us went out to macaroni grill and it was so good. There was a chuck e cheese next door so afterwards we went and had a great time playing there. Saturday morning at work was lame. I had to work with 2 new girls and UGH they were not bright. It was very rainy Saturday, so for outreach I just hung out at the gull and had some quiet time with God. Sunday we went to church and then I went with a group of people to get tattoos (no I did not get another one yet). We had servent meetings at night and then I went to sleep. Today I once again went to work and then went to the grocery for some things for weekly meeting. Next up is a nap and then dinner and weekly meeting. Tomorrow I have the day off so I think Jen and I are going to go hike in the White Mountains. Thats about it for now but look forward to a future post of why you should never live in New Hampshire. CYA!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Never say you will never do anything cause you can nearly bet you will. Have a question, how can you keep missing work and not get fired? Have a new rule for telling it is a hot and dry July in Texas. You know it's a hot and dry July in Texas when the trees start whistling for the dogs. Have a great day, G n Tx.

4:15 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Liz the new job is cool glad your truck is better hope you're having fun bye.

11:58 PM  

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