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Thursday, July 13, 2006

Mystery Dinner

Wednesday didn't start out all that great. My alarm didn't go off (or I chose to ignore it) so Ellen had to come in and wake me up and Drew and I were late to work. Work was bleh as usual. As I was driving home from work I couldn't get my airconditioner to work and my car was over heating and my check engine light came on so when I got home I looked under the hood and I was completely out of coolent. I took my car up to the Toyota dealership and it turns out that I had a hole in my radiator. Being that New Hampshire is behind in times I couldn't get anyone to rent me a car since I was under 21 (lame) besides the fact that everyone was out of cars. So I sat at the Toyota dealership for hours and watched some TV and then had someone drive me back to the house. Luckily one of the girls was able to lend me her car on Thursday so that Drew and I could get to work. When I got back I was in a really bad mood. We had bible study and I was falling asleep because I didn't get my nap and I was really frustrated. We had the mystery dinner next which was interesting but boosted my spirits. The my. ggstery dinner went like this. We all sat down (in the pouring rain) and picked things off a menu (ie satans tushie) and they were brought to us. We had pulled chicken sandwiches (rock and a hard place), mashed potatoes, mac and cheese, broccolli, and grapes (ewww). The big "mystery" of the dinner was the huge food fight at the end. It was so messy and gross. We all went and jumped in the ocean after that in the rain. It was FREEZING. I got back to my room and was going to shower but everyone was in them so Megan came in and asked if I wanted to shower with her. Megan and I were showering in the tiniest shower here when Korena knocked on the door and we invited her in with us (we were all clothed). It was really fun, Jen came in and took a picture of us all squeezed in the shower. After our shower Jen and I went out and sat on the porch and listened to the Story of the Year concert and it was amazing. Although the day started crappy it ended fairly well. Today I borrowed Kristens car and went to work. I got a call while I was at work and my car was all ready to go. Drew and I got off work early and headed up to pick up my audrey. I came back home and showered and cleaned and took a nap. We had womens time and talked about courtship and relationships. We had dousings and I am still perfectly dry. Now I am off to bed because its sleepy time!


Anonymous Meg said...

You think they're behind the times? I'm pretty sure it's 25 here in Vegas. Glad your car ended up getting fixed. I'm sure that was pretty expensive. I had put a bunch of money in my car and then like a week later my friend had to put in like $300 to her car and now you had problems... I think cars get together and decide its time to give everyone a headache at one time. The shower sounds HOTT!!! lol I like how you finally gave in and told us you were clothed. I was like are you sure you're in a religious setting? lol Anyways... LOVE YOU AND MISS YOU!!!

1:07 AM  

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