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Sunday, July 09, 2006


So the water balloon fight turned out amazingly other than Adam stealing my water gun and Tommy stealing over half the water balloons we filled up. We had to resort to buckets of water after that and it was so much fun. We were soaked head to toe by the end and it went on for a good hour. Some people got as sneaky as to go fill buckets down at the ocean. That was not my favorite. I went to sleep after that because we had church today. Church was good. I wasn't able to actually hear the sermon because they were short staffed down in the nursery and toddler room so I went between the two. For the 9:30 service the first 5 kids that came in were screaming and we had 5 dirty diapers. Talk about a smell. The 11:00 service wasn't nearly as bad with only 1 screamer and no diapers. I did have to go next door and take a walk with one of the little babies to get him to stop crying. We went to 99 after church and had some lunch. It wasn't awesome but it was pretty good. I came home and took a nap after that and pretty much my day has consisted of that. We have servent team meetings at 10:00 but for now I am going to try and get my leg muscles to recover from running around on the beach yesterday for kick ball.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

You are having some unique experiences this summer. What is the 99? Good luck with those diapers. XXOO, Mom

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