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Tuesday, July 11, 2006

When tornados strike

Monday I had work once again at Dunkin Donuts. It was so slow and boring that I had to start beating my coworkers up for entertainment. Afterwork I came back and hung out for a bit and loaded pictures to the computer and then went to the grocery store for some weekly meeting stuff. We then had dinner and weekly meeting and everything went pretty well. The pastor of the church I attend spoke and talked once again about putting on the armor of God. He is an amazing speaker. After weekly meeting we all came back and I went on a long walk and just talked to people on the phone. Congrats Thomas on your new job and on the cheesy movie by the way. I got to sleep around 2:30 and then woke up throughout the night. When I kept waking up it was still all dark in our room so I thought it was too early to wake up but it turns out there was just a huge storm coming through. We had tornado warnings and it was super scary. Jen and I went and drove to Salem again and went to Best Buy, Target and the Mall. On the way there the storm got super bad and we were having to drive so slow on the freeway because we could barely see in front of us. At Best Buy I finally got the portable hard drive that I have been needing and it was so nice to finally go to Target again; I missed it so much. There was this elephant that I had been wanting from Target for forever but it was to expensive but today I found it on sale for $5 so it will be going in my living room. While we were in Target the Thunder and rain picked up again and it was shaking the entire building. We drove to the mall next where I was able to return my external harddrive and pick up a few new things :). I came back and had dinner and now I am just playing with my harddrive and doing laundry. I hope everyone is having a good week and not dying from humidity like us. <3


Anonymous Anonymous said...

You know, Elizabeth, I just have to thank God for keeping you safe; I never imagined all the hazardous situations you would be in in New Hampshire like: tazing people, various illnesses, speeding, getting lost, emergency room trips, fireworks and tornadoes. I praise God for taking care of you. XXOO, Mom

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