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Tuesday, August 01, 2006

A radioactive pin cushion...

Sorry I haven't been keeping up with posts but I have been a busy little worker. Tuesday I had off from work but I didn't really do much of anything. I went shopping to look for a dress to the banquet but didn't really find much of anything yet. I drove down to Newburyport for night of reflection with Thea and Katie and that was tons of fun. Newburyport is one of my favorite places to visit because it has the cute, old fashioned, new england feel that you really think of. Wednesday I had work which was bleh. After work I just hung out around the Gull until Bible study. Bible study was good as usual but I miss Angela leading them. We went with our community group to Chillis afterwards and it was fun. I had Thursday off from work so I went and did some grocery shopping and then Thea and I had a little girls time at this cute little coffee shop in Exeter called the Coffee Beanery. There was this dalmation there and it just reminded me how much I miss my Roxie dog. We came home after that and Megan and I fixed all the guys dinner. I made chicken parmisagna and spaghetti, salad, and a cookie pizza. It was really yummy and I think all the guys appreciated an actual meal of something other than frozen pizza. We had mens and womens time after that and all the girls went down to the beach to take a picture. Dousings were after mens and womens time and they were awesome as usual (I still haven't been doused but I was accused). Friday I had work and it was so yucky. I had to work drive through all day and was so frustrated with people by the end. A huge storm came through Friday so we just sat around and played monopoly most the night and then I went to sleep. At 4 am I woke up to stabbing pains in my stomach...8 hours later when they still hadn't gone away I headed to the emergency room with Dave and JJ. After many sticks with a needle, some demoral, an xray, and a sonogram they determend I had gallstones. I was advised not to work and to come back on Monday. After picking up my prescriptions I came home and slept the rest of the night (demoral and vicodin will knock you out). Sunday I went to church and had an awesome time with my toddlers and then a slightly painful church service (ironic since they were talking about staying close to God in times of pain). It was Jessicas Birthday so after church we went over to the adoptive families house and had a birthday lunch for her. Jessica and I got a good nap in before lunch was ready though. We came home and I drugged myself and went to sleep because I did not feel good at all. Today (Monday) I headed back to the hospital for more tests. I got there and got checked in and they took me back and drew blood. They took me for some scan in which they had to inject me with radioactive fluid and I then had to lay there while it took 60 1 minute pictures of my insides. Once that test was done the doctor decided on another test which required an IV. It took them 7 tries and 4 different people to actually get the IV and when they did it was in my thumb ( the other places they tried were both arms, my wrist, my hand, and they wanted to do my foot but I said no). After feeling like a radioactive pin cushion they said I needed to just deal with it till I get home but to avoid greasy/fatty foods for 2 days and no more caffeine (dies). I made it home just in time to leave for the weekly meeting where we were having ice cream before (which I couldn't have). The meeting went good but it was a little sad since it was our last one. Tomorrow I am supposed to have my last day of work but the doctor said no so I think Ellen and I might go shopping. I hope everyone else is doing good and I will try to write more frequently! <3


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Do you think when the doctor said not to work he meant to get some rest? XXOO, Mom
PS Since you aren't going for your last day of work, will you be bringing home your uniform? Did your boss throw a hissy fit this time?

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