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Friday, August 11, 2006

So today we left Indiana after having a little visit with Laura and Megan drove to Missouri to visit our friend Jordan. The last week has been crazy and full of tears. Last Thursday we had our last mens and womens time and our last dousings. It was fun but sad. Friday a group of us went out to dinner and then watched Batman Begins which was a lot better than I thought it would be. Saturday we had outreach and it was amazing. We played waterballoon volleyball where we used sheets to launch waterballoons over a net. We were able to get tons of people involved in it. Saturday night we had a night of worship and a bon fire at one of the churches. Gods presence was truely seen that night. Sunday our church made a thank you breakfast for us and then we did our sunday school classes and then heard Pastor Bruce talk for the last time. Monday I took Audrey in for a check up and then we had a day full of cleaning. Megan and I were assigned to clean the balcony. It was raining and so the balcony pretty much cleaned its self. Monday night we had our banquet and it was so fun. We all got to get dressed up and take tons of pictures for one last time. People started leaving after that and many tears were present. Tuesday everyone left and it was super sad. Jenn and I headed to New York to stay with Cami and driving in New York City was terrifying! We had fun walking around Time Square and riding the subway. Cami and her roomie were going to see a play so one of Jenns friends from long island came in to take us around for awhile. We met up with Cami after the show and had some cheesecake. Wednesday Jenn and I did some shopping and then headed out to long island to spend the night with her friend. Thursday morning we left New York and drove 15 very long hours to Indiana to stay with Laura and see some other Indiana friends. It was a very fun visit and good to see them again (after a few days). That brings us to today. Tomorrow we will head to Colorado and then I should be home Sunday night to California.


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I know that you and all your friends were sad to leave each other but I also know that each family is very excited because you are all going home. I know how excited I am for you to be here even if you will only be here a few days before you go back to Arizona. I'll be waiting up for you! XXOO, Mom

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