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Thursday, August 03, 2006

Warped Tour

Wednesday was awesome. Jen and I went to Warped tour in Massachusets and saw some amazing bands. When we were about 2 miles from our destination, however, we got stuck in stand still traffic and Jen had to pee really bad so we decided to find our own way to the airport and got off the freeway. We found a better way and were about a mile from the airport and were stuck in traffic again. We left at 9 and it was supposed to take us an hour to get there...we didn't get there till noon. Once we got there we decided to make the best of the little time we had there and got to experiance some of the stupidest people ever. It was a state of emergency in Mass because of the heat and people were dressed in jeans and black and long sleaves. I guess people out here just aren't very bright. Unfornuetly we had to leave the concert early because we had to be back for bible study at 5. We didn't get to see most the bands we wanted to due to the fact that they wern't going on till later in the day but it was still fun. We got back right at 5 and I jumped in to a cold shower before bible study. Our bible study was inturupted by a huge storm coming through that took away some of the heat. After bible study we had community time and we went out with the boys to pizza hut (eww) and then had a picture scavenger hunt. The girls won so we once again have a get out of a dousing free card for this week. Today I was supposed to take my truck into the dealership to get looked at but in the middle of the night my phone ran away so my alarm never went off (living on the top bunk sucks). Now I have to try and find another time to take it and thats about it. We have womens time later tonight but for now I am off.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

GOOD ONE! Impressed... wow gold opportunity.

12:12 PM  
Anonymous Meg said...

I'm so jealous! Sounds like your summer has been awesome! Sorry your sick tho... esp since it means you have to watch what you eat. I hope they fix it and you feel better. I MISS YOU!!! I know I keep telling you that, but I do!!!

8:02 PM  

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